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Astridge International - Medical Chairs / Recliners & Portable Phlebotomy Chairs

Astridge International Presents A Custom Medical Chair / Recliner Range
Superbly Engineered For Ultra-Reliable Service As A Phlebotomy Chair, Apheresis Chair, Dialysis Chair, Chemotherapy Chair, Medical Recovery Chair, And More.....

1. Astridge International - Custom Medical Chair / Recliner & Portable Phlebotomy Chair Sales

Astridge International specializes in providing custom engineered medical chair / recliners and supplies. Our custom medical chair / recliner design philosophy allows us to provide cost-effective production of very high quality 'stationary' and 'portable' phlebotomy chairs, apheresis chairs, dialysis chairs, and chemotherapy chairs - manufactured by Strub GmbH of Germany.

2. Stationary Medical Chair / Recliner Range

Phoenix Medical Chair - Phlebotomy ChairMaxima Medical Chair - Phlebotomy ChairTechno Medical Chair - Phlebotomy Chair

Astridge International presents 3 "Stationary" Medical Chair / Recliner designs for service as a custom Phlebotomy Chair, Apheresis Chair, Dialysis Chair, Chemotherapy Chair, Medical Recovery Chair...

2.1. 'Phoenix' Manual & Motorized Stationary Medical Chair / Recliner Models

Phoenix Medical Chair - Phlebotomy ChairPhoenix Medical Chair - Phlebotomy Chair

Phoenix "Stationary" Medical Chair / Recliner models are available with either Manual and Motorized recline. Manual-recline Phoenix chairs are specifically designed for attending staff to easily adjust patient position. Motorized-recline Phoenix chairs simplify the process using a heavy duty preciosion-adjust electric motor with remote hand-held control.

2.2. 'Maxima' Dual-Motorized Stationary Medical Chair / Recliner Models

Maxima Medical Chair - Phlebotomy Chair

Maxima "Stationary" Medical Chair / Recliner model chairs feature Dual-Motorized recline to facilitate precise patient positioning. Each Maxima chair comes with a foot pedal control and a 4-way hand-held remote control for ease of use by attending medical staff.

2.3. 'Techno' Four-Motor Stationary Medical Chair / Recliner Models

Techno Medical Chair - Phlebotomy Chair

Techno "Stationary" Medical Chair / Recliner model chairs are the most advanced medical recliners currently available. They feature Four-Motor driven power recline to precisely position the patient to provide optimum access to the attending physician.

3. Optima Phlebotomy Chair & Advantage Phlebotomy Chair

Optima and Advantage portable phlebotomy chair models are specifically designed to be lightwieght and durable to meet the demanding service requirements of portable blood transfusion and other mobile phlebotomy applications.

4. Medical Chair Accessories

Astridge International presents a range of medical chair accessories, phlebotomy trays, and medical furniture.

5. Contact Astridge International

Astridge International offices and warehouse facility are on Grand Island, NY, within a 500 mile radius of 51% of the North American population. We provide medical chairs and accessories throughout the USA and Canada.

Astridge International
(716) 481 3162

Custom Medical Chairs

A custom medical chair from Astridge International is ergonomically designed:

  • Promoting patient safety, security & comfort
  • Promoting medical staff safety, security & comfort
  • Includes all required functionality for its specific medical purpose

Medical Chair Design

At Astridge International we apply a tough design philosophy to guide us in the selection of the medical chairs that we offer for sale. We strongly believe that every medical chair must strictly comply with the following guidelines:

  • A fully adjustable reclining medical chair is preferable - for application in chair, lounge, and bed positions
  • Every medical chair / recliner must allow for easy & comfortable patient entry/exit
  • The medical chair / recliner must be securely balanced in all operational positions
  • Medical chair management and operation should require minimal bending by medical staff
  • The medical chair /recliner must be constructedwith easily sanitized materials
  • The medical chair / recliner must correctly support the patient for comfort & security
  • Most applications require that a medical chair / recliner have suitable arm extensions - which must be easily retracted in case of patient collapse
  • A medical chair / recliner should allow for rapid and easy adjustment from sitting to reclining

Medical Chair - Phlebotomy Chair

  • In case of patient collapse, the medical chair / recliner should be capable of rapid and easy adjustment to the Trendelenberg position (raising feet slightly above the head)
  • The ideal medical chair / recliner should be easily customized for an exact fit to its specific medical purpose

Guaranteed Performance

Astridge International Medical Chair Distributor
Every medical chair from Astridge International
comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty

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Astridge International Introduces A Full Range Of High Quality Medical Chairs / Recliners
Each Recliner Model Is Fully Customizable For Specific Use As A Phlebotomy Chair, Apheresis Chair, Dialysis Chair, Chemotherapy Chair.....
Pricing Varies With Quantity Ordered - Contact Us, e-mail, Or Call (716) 481 3162

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